Coal Creative Consultants is a regional agency that engages global brands. As a team of strategists, writers and creators, we craft branding, communication and marketing solutions that are tailor-made to reach specific audiences and markets. Our goal is simple: to make good businesses great, and great businesses a legacy.



Advertising is the backbone of brand influence. Through tailor-made solutions – which include strategic development as well as targeted ATL and BTL advertising – we reach out to our clients’ range of audiences, deepening their brand presence and driving their key communication to achieve long-term strategic and operational goals.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Creative Development
  • Print and Outdoor Media
  • Marketing Literature and Collateral
  • Promotional Marketing


Precise corporate branding is imperative for an organisation’s long-term direction. We enable companies to build their brand, enhance their corporate strategies and drive their brand communication, aligning a company’s vision, values and culture with its long-term business goals.

  • Brand Auditing and Market Research
  • Brand Positioning and Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Development and Engagement
  • Brand and Business Consultancy


Effective communication and investor relations bolster a company’s presence, stakeholder engagement and regional and international reach. Our award-winning tailored solutions – underpinned by insights from research, web analytics and stakeholder and market analysis – ensure that when your company speaks, the market listens.

  • Content Development
  • Strategic Communication
  • Corporate and Stakeholder Communication
  • Sustainability Communication
  • Business Model Communication


Robust social and digital communication enables companies to reach their markets and stakeholders not only regionally, but internationally as well. Besides advising on all aspects of social and digital communication, we develop award-winning digital solutions that support business objectives, create differentiation, build corporate presence and engage markets.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Content Development
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • UX Development


Our methodology – honed over two decades of experience in the region and across diverse industries – represents the core of what we do at Coal. This methodology governs our processes and provides the key framework for all our solutions. In essence, it is our CREED: