Because of our expertise in branding and integrated marketing, Coal is PMC-certified by Singapore’s SPMCC – an accredited organisation recognised by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) – to take our clients through every step of the process when they apply for ESG’s grant for strategic brand and marketing development.

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

ESG’s Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) supports up to 80% of a Singapore company’s strategic brand and marketing development.


    What is the EDG?
    The EDG is a grant under ESG that supports up to 80% of a Singapore company’s core capabilities, such as strategic brand and marketing development.

    How does my company benefit from the EDG?
    Because the EDG supports strategic brand and marketing development, Singapore companies can benefit from a full brand audit and develop an effective brand strategy and identity, as well as consistent communication resources and touchpoints. Some of the benefits include:

    • Brand Analysis and Audit: to identify and evaluate your company’s gaps, customer touchpoints and competitive landscape
    • Brand Strategy: the foundation on which your brand will be built
    • Logo Development and Transformation: the core of your brand
    • Brand Manual: a comprehensive guide to implement your brand, marketing and communication effectively and consistently
    • Branding, Marketing and Communication Templates and Designs: how your company will access the market and increase its brand presence

    How does my company qualify for the EDG?
    To qualify for the EDG, your company must:

    • Be registered and operating in Singapore
    • Have a minimum of 30% local shareholding
    • Be financially viable to start and complete the project

    How much financial support does the EDG provide?
    The EDG supports up to 70% of the total cost for an eligible company’s strategic brand and marketing development campaign.